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Shirevell Williams Destroys Schmedlin

An excerpt from a story by

Andre Courtemanche

Shirevell Williams, 4-0 (3), of Florida will be appearing in the bad dreams of female middleweights around the world very soon. This woman is so strong, hits so hard, and reminds so many of Joe Frazier that she may be the most solid prospect in the division. Finding out the hard way was Dearborn, Michiganís Erica Schmedlin, now 3-3.

Schmedlin, who normally overpowers her foes with brute force, spent the entire fight pinned on the ropes by Williams and absorbing tremendous punishment. She fought back bravely and never left her feet, but the sight of such a likeable girl taking that kind of beating was hard to watch. She did receive a standing eight count in the fourth and final round, but made the distance. The scores were 40-35 unanimous for Williams.

Erica Schmedlin was in the fight when she kept it at distance, but needs to learn how to pivot and move off the ropes. Williams needs to learn how a title belt feels around her waist.

She will.