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Simmons Brutalizes Formerly Undefeated Opponent!

An excerpt from a story by

Andre Courtemanche

In the semi final bout, another young fighter made a loud statement. This was the fight I called "It Didn't Matter."

Kat Brauer, Detroit MI, was an undefeated Kronk (3-0) boxer with an excellent reputation among boxing insiders. Laila Ali's people immediately rejected her as an opponent last March, before Kat had even turned pro.

It didn't matter.

Kat Brauer had very fast hands and showed excellent foot speed.

It didn't matter.

Kat Brauer landed some very hard shots to her opponent's head and seemed to be winning the exchanges. She was very aggressive and quite strong.

It didn't matter.

Veronica Simmons of New York smashed Kat Brauer with a series of merciless right hands that dropped her three times and spoiled her unbeaten record in two minutes time. Simmons, rated in the top ten by both the IWBA and IWBF, seemed strong enough to beat a lot of men her weight. She simply overpowered a very strong opponent and made it look easy. If my name were Frazier, Ali, Foreman, Frye, or Martin, I would stay very clear of this girl.